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SURREAL shapes and contrasting colours were the centrepieces of the surprising and playful Gucci menswear show, held at the Palazzo Delle Scintille in Milan.

Serious, tailored suits were offset with sparkling, slightly-askew jewelled necklaces, while the relaxed, more casual men’s looks spoke to the ubiquitous nature of blue jeans and sturdy knits.

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The signature Gucci joie de vivre was ever-present, with playful preppy looks that incorporated old-style T-bar school shoes, as well as accessories that poked fun at the idea of fake handbags, with Gucci beating the resellers to the punch.

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As always, green is a hero colour for the house, and the experimentation with a variety of fabrics and textures in the same colour proved to be a remarkable, cohesive blend of ideas. As well as green, the pink and red combination in menswear that we observed in the Marni show was also present, indicating that this popular colour block combination is here to stay.

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While there were a lot of plain, crisp trouser options, Gucci also highlighted their daring approach to colour and pattern. Layering, with a prominent design piece, also proved to be a common thematic element of the show, and has certainly given us some knits to covet this winter.

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While the classic Gucci tailoring and shades of brown were present, it was the bolder and more absurdist pieces that truly encapsulate the brand’s motto, which seems to be that prizing creativity and risk in design is the way to capture our hearts.

by Simone Williams 

Images: Courtesy of Gucci, shot by Dan Lecca

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