PFWM: Louis Vuitton

IN a seemingly dream-like trance, Louis Vuitton explores futurism and the freedom of tailoring in their AW20 collection. The evolution from classic, to contemporary, to experimental takes place over the course of the show. Beginning with a traditional navy and grey colour palette, the classic suit takes the runway, of course completed with patent leather brogues. It’s a staple look that represents a symbol of manhood.

Quickly moving on to more trend-focused tailoring, Abloh plays with details such as cut outs, draped fabrics, and fluorescent colour. These pieces mark a contemporary shift in refined tailoring, pushing for a new take on the classic but conventional image of the suit. Abloh also experiments with texture, featuring faux-fur, leather and velvet in its modern day look at tailored menswear.

Finally, Louis Vuitton ends its show with a series of experimental and conceptual tailored pieces, featuring abstract graphic cloud prints. Here, Abloh explores the future possibilities of tailoring, utilising classic shapes within the realm of avant-garde design. Innovation and subtle futurism takes centre stage, with cloud imagery representing a dream-like state that summarises the main themes of the collection. Conceptual, imaginative and utterly dreamy.

by Emma Hart


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