Fendi has the perfect gift for your Valentine

Dreamy gifts to impress the chicest women and men in your life and explore our fabulous gift that celebrates every kind of love.

Drenched in the warmth of an Italian sunrise, the FENDI Women’s Spring/Summer 2020 Collection designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi charts a path of playful opulence through a summer’s day. Shifting in weightless moments of FENDI craftsmanship, invoking the hidden decadence of the everyday, the Roman sensibilities luxuriate in the rub of utility with the frivolous and the ultra-feminine.

Accessories reprise the Collection’s natural materials, including Pico Baguette – the smallest pouch existing on earth of the Baguette family. Created with micro and macro beads, some with the addition of fringes, the Pico Baguette is your new treasure keeper. Initially thought as an Airpods holder it can really hold any personal little fortune you want to keep near you heart.

We will be expecting a few, won’t we boys and girls?


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