K11 Musea redefines Global Gastronomy Experiences

K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong’s Silicon Valley of Culture, redefines the art of gastronomy through a curated journey into its multicultural offering of the world’s cuisines. A nod to the city’s rich heritage upon which K11 MUSEA is built and its vision to foster a communal environment where shoppers and visitors can share experiences over gastronomy.

At K11 MUSEA, the city’s cultural-retail destination offer over 65 restaurants and brand concepts which embraces the cultural legacy of gastronomy – from heritage and tradition with modern dining concepts, a celebration of artisanal craftsmanship spirit through its gastronomic creations to bespoke experiences through a diverse range of culinary and cocktail lounges for the global millennials that stretches beyond their imagination.

A nod to heritage and tradition – GINZA, Yung’s Bistro, Mr. Ming’s Chinese Dining, TIRPSE

The newly opened Mr. Ming’s Chinese Dining unveil secret recipes of Chinese dining, a mysterious character who is an avid fan of Chinese Art; a poet, a collector of historical artifacts, and a lover of food and wine. His passion in collecting is shown across the restaurant where secret recipes are showcased, the fine-detailed artwork and collection of coins emblazoned, and his personal selection of boutique wines on offer.

Japanese restaurant GINZA, which first opened in 1981, returns, having previously been located in New World Center which stood where K11 MUSEA is now. Bringing back the glamour of the 80’s, GINZA invites public to experience the tradition of Japanese culture through its signature dishes including teppanyaki and Eel with rice.

In additional to preserve the tradition, restaurants at K11 MUSEA also inject modern dining concepts to its rich history. A nod to Hong Kong heritage, Yung’s Bistro curated a modern twist from the renowned Yung Kee’s authentic classic Cantonese cuisine for K11 MUSEA, together with a taste of treasured memories presented by exclusive delights with classic home-made recipes, childhood stories and Cantonese cuisine ingredients.

French word for spirit, spelled backwards, French-Japanese TIRPSE’s original branch was the fastest restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star within two months of opening in Tokyo in 2015 and one of Diners Club World Best 50 Restaurant in 2017. The restaurant focuses on French dishes with a touch of Japanese influence. Through the cultural mix of dining history and culture, it creates new values to the modern culinary world.

A celebration of artisanal craftsmanship – Lilium by Gitone, Artisan Lounge

Found by well-established local artist Terence Lee and his wife, Clara Chong, Lilium by Gitone is an open platform for artisan, offering Art x Dining experience. You can enjoy a Clay & Cake pottery-making workshop over an afternoon tea with your loved ones at the weekends.

Located at the hub of the “Opera Theatre” at K11 MUSEA Grand Atrium, Artisan Lounge reflects creativity and inspiration, which aims to achieve the mission of becoming the “silicon valley of cultures” — under the glimmering lights of the Gold Ball. Artisan Lounge offers an all-day afternoon tea experience, elegant bar and bespoke boutique for premium teas, handcrafted confectionaries and high-quality souvenirs. New executive lunch menu is inspired by craftsmanship, the barbecued Iberico pork is from the famous “Fan Guan” in Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy with fresh egg from local farm, mixture of premium grain rice and Japanese Fukuoka soya sauce. 

Bespoke experience – Tominokojo Yamagoshi, IE Sushi & Teppanyaki, Shu K and K BAR

K11 MUSEA brings in Japanese Michelin Starred restaurant Tominokojo Yamagoshi, tradition of Kyoto cuisine, based on the spirit of hospitality of tea ceremony meals. Dishes reflect the changes of the four seasons with your five senses. Limited to 15 seats for booking, the restaurant offering new kaiseki cuisine with a personal touch. A new special New Year lunch menu available exclusively at K11 MUSEA.

Takes the Japanese name いえ(I-E), which stands for ‘home’ in Japanese, to represent a dining space that makes diners feel like home, IE Sushi & Teppanyaki offers teppanyaki and kaiseki with an exclusive sea view balcony at K11 MUSEA.

Shu K and K BAR offer guests a sumptuous new space to gather and explore a tantalising world of flavour. Their imaginative cocktails and light bar bites list marries the scorch and fire of Sichuan cuisine with inspirations drawn from the spice road.

Innovative dining concept for the global millennials – YumMee

The true value of traveling is to experience the culture of different places and most people will do that through enjoying a hearty bowl of the city’s iconic noodles, which carries its own unique touches that distinctly differentiate one city from another, especially for global millennials. The newly opened 3,000-sqft dining chamber of YumMee housing over 100 patrons delivers the noodle treats, the pan-Asian noodle house reignites memories into one’s travel of South East Asia.

Be my Valentine

For those seeking a romantic dinner escape, head to TIRPSE, Shu K & K BAR, IE Sushi & Teppanyaki or GINZA for a stunning sea views overlooking Victoria Harbour or enjoy a pottery-making workshop over an afternoon tea with your loved ones at Lilium by Gitone. This Valentine’s Day, Madonna’s MDNA Skin will also collaborate with Artisan Lounge (pictured above) to create an Afternoon Tea Set inspired by her food preference and her favourite colour – purple.


About K11 MUSEA

Hong Kong’s Silicon Valley of Culture, K11 MUSEA, is the latest cultural-retail destination in Victoria Dockside located on the harbourfront of Tsim Sha Tsui. Inspired by ‘A Muse by the Sea’, K11 MUSEA is designed to enrich new consumers’ daily lives through the power of creativity, culture and innovation. A destination 10 years in the making, K11 MUSEA opened its doors in August 2019 to usher in a new era of cultural retail which speaks to the growing consumer demand for immersive consumer experiences in art, culture, nature and commerce.


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