Glass checks out the Chanel Sublimage three-step skincare routine

WHILE self-isolation leaves us all feeling nothing short of lack-lustre. In these stressful conditions we can be prone to wrinkles and a loss of firmness, as well as dark spots and an uneven skin tone. Chanel skincare have provided the perfect remedy. Delve into a luxurious ritual, relax and unwind with the newly launched Sublimage collection, Lumiere to revitalise your skin.

Chanel Beauty Sublimage collection, Lumiere

Just as important as maintaining a daily lifestyle routine during self-isolation is to keep up a routine with your skincare. Take time out of your day to enjoy a peaceful, indulgent moment in the morning and evening. With the beautiful vanilla scented range, this step-by-step collection will bring out beautiful, healthy and glowing skin. Enhancing your natural radiance, eliminating imperfections, dark spots and wrinkles.

To personalise your ritual, each product can be used on its own or as a step-by-step daily routine. The three ultra-sensorial skincare products are enriched with signature active ingredients drawn from nature. Carefully selected natural anthyllis extract with intense Vanilla Planifolia water for double radiance and anti-aging efficacy are used to reveal your skin’s radiance.

Sublimage La Lotion Lumière Exfoliante, 125ml bottle, available here

This delicate exfoliating lotion with active white birch water, is rich in sugars and minerals to boost the skin’s hydration. Using Vanilla Planifolia water for antioxidant action and natural anthylis extract to even the complexion. The transparent jellified water refreshes and exfoliates to stimulate cell renewal and improve the even quality of the skin, diminishing dark spots and enhancing the complexion.
To use, add several drops to the face with fingertips or a cotton pad after removing makeup. Apply from the middle of the face outwards, avoiding the eye area. To increase results, make light vertical rubbing movements on cheeks, foreheads, nose and any skin irregularities.

Sublimage L’essence Lumière, 40ml bottle, available here

The second step in the Sublimage collection works as a light activator. Combining anthyllis extract with intense Vanilla Planifolia water, the essence is enriched with hydrating glycerin and nourishing shea butter. The essence illuminates and evens the skin tone.
To use, apply to the face in upwards motions with fingertips or a cotton pad.

Sublimage La Crème Lumière, 50ml jar, available here

Combining the regenerative power of Vanilla Planifolia and the ability to regulate pigmentation mechanisms with natural anthyllis extract. With a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid guarantees perfect hydration, while nourishing active ingredients (shea butter, squalane) deliver absolute comfort and softness to the skin.

To use, dab a small amount of product onto cheeks, forehead and neck. Using both hands, smooth over face, from the center outward. On the left side of the face, use both hands to alternately smooth from the center outward, two times each, on the following areas: from the middle line of the forehead to the temple; from nose to ear; from the corner of lips to the angle of the jaw; and from the tip of the chin to the ear, before working back down to the collarbone. Repeat these steps on the right side of the face to reveal plump, firm and luminous skin.

by Rosie Fitter

Sublimage La Lotion Lumière Exfoliante, 125ml bottle, £123

Sublimage L’essence Lumière, 40ml bottle, £350

Sublimage La Crème Lumière, 50ml jar, £307


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