Glass presents D’Urban SS20 Collection

AS JAPAN enters the season of spring, the gloom of the cold months is lifted and the environment turns into what can only be described as fairytale like with cherry blossoms painting the country into a pink garden. Taking inspiration from this display of nature and the concept of daily wear, D’Urban is fusing these two ideas for their spring-summer 2020 collection.

D’Urban SS20
D’Urban SS20

Known for its excellent Japanese craftsmanship and unrivalled use of high-performance fabrics that are adaptable to regional climate, D’Urban’s collection aims to highlight the elegance of a gentleman with the shades of the season’s cherry blossoms. Incorporating traditional geometric motifs and elements of ink wash paintings the collection creates a harmonious relationship between the classic Japanese design and today’s interpretation producing a contemporary collection.

The Japanese elements that are integrated in the spring-summer collection create a fluid transition to illustrate how spring symbolises a revival. The Japanese ink wash paintings are transformed into digital prints for t-shirts, while earthy tones are injected into the collection as a reminder of its nature inspiration. Natural fabrics and unlined construction are clever choices to add to the minimalistic style that wears comfortably in the heat due to its breathability. The reference of the cherry blossoms enters the collection with the use of Sakura pink accompanied by pastel blue and lilac to infuse a romantic aspect the male clothes.

D’Urban SS20

The collection celebrates both Japanese culture and nature, but also a craftsmanship that has been at the centre of D’urban for over five decades.

by Imogen Clark 


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