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THE LOCKDOWN has given us time to look back and reflect. Fendi have taken this moment of stillness to celebrate their iconic bags and shoes. The Peekaboo, Baguette and Colibrì are statements pieces that every Fendi fan needs to have.

Fendi Icons  – Baguette

The Fendi Women’s Baguette was created in 1997 by Silvia Venturini Fendi and instantly became a hit redefining a new wave of modern elegance. Now, a bag that is recognisable by anyone, the initial aim of the bag was to be simultaneously comfortable and simple with a short strap to be carried underneath your arm similar to a French baguette – hence, its name. Over the years since its creation, there have been over 1000 versions to embody every type of woman and occasion.

Fendi Icons – Baguette Men’s

In 2019, when Fendi decided to relaunch the Baguette with their The Baguette Is Back campaign, the iconic bag made an entrance into the menswear sphere of the Italian brand. Debuted during the men’s AW19 runway show, the Baguette was reimagined to suit the modern man. Changing size to fit the male build, the materials to make this bag were to express the Maison’s savoir-faire and functionality. The straps changed and for a man can be worn in a multitude of ways whilst still staying true to its original DNA that Silvia Venturini Fendi strived for in 1997.

Fendi Icons – Peekaboo

Launched in the spring-summer 2009 collection, the Fendi Women’s Peekaboo bag entered the fashion scene. Embodying the maison’s known talent for craftsmanship in leather goods, this bag draws from Fendi’s expertise to create an effortlessly versatile accessory to infuse elegance into our everyday lives. Though younger than the Baguette, the Peekaboo has become a recognisable icon for Fendi.

Each season the bag comes back into our lives in new ways, changing fabrics, sizes and details to show the multifaceted nature of what Venturini Fendi created in 2008.

Fendi Icons – Peekaboo Mens

The success of this bag lead to it being launched into the menswear side of the brand in the fall-winter 2014 collection. As the bag is both sophisticated and contemporary, the juxtaposition allows both the man to enjoy the leather good both during the week with work and on the weekends when relaxing.

Fendi Icons – Colibrì

Though a fairly new addition to the Fendi family, the Colibrì shoes have risen their way to the top almost instantly. The high-tech workmanship have designed a shoe that uses thermo-heated ribbon detailing on mesh to make it both lightweight and unstructured to fit onto every foot. This shoe embodies the brand’s passion for innovation and tradition of craftsmanship to create a shoe that has been transformed into an over-the-knee boot, sling backs and flats.

The name, Colibrì stems from the inspiration of the tropical bird as the shoe has a pointed from toe and comes in a multitude of colours.

Fendi Icons

by Imogen Clark


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