Stockton partners with Rare Finds Worldwide

WHISKY specialists Rare Finds Worldwide have announced a partnership with Stockton Hong Kong, one of the most renowned whisky bars in Asia to bring its customers an unrivalled Scotch whisky experience. This experience fuses 18th century London luxury with the taste of rare Scotch, setting a dark, elegant tone for whisky lovers.

Tastings, seminars and meetings will be introduced, giving lovers of this drink an exclusive chance to delve into whisky casks, hosted by Rare Finds in Stockton. The interior of the bar will transport those who enter into London in the late 1890s with sophistication and oozes luxury.

Seminar at Stockton by Rare Finds Worldwide

Freeman Ho, a whisky specialist at Rare Finds Worldwide states, “Rare whisky is akin to a piece of history taken out of its era”, he continues, “Coupled with Stockton’s evocative atmosphere and esteemed clientele, it makes our partnership the perfect blend.

Aged throughout the years, whisky is a tale of character, notes and passion all blended in a cask. We turn whisky investment into a personal journey – from cask selection and storage to bottling, our clients are highly involved in the process.”

Stockton Bar

Additionally, this partnership will offer lockers for collectors that would like to store their bottles for consumption. Those who wish to do this will receive benefits and special deals with partnered global organisations, such as discounts on bottles.

Stockton bar will showcase some of Rare Finds Worldwide ultra-rare Scotch whisky heightening the experience onto a level that no whisky drinker would want to miss. As a bar, they offer over 150 different whiskies to taste creating an exciting experience, one that cannot be replicated.

by Imogen Clark


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