Loverboy launches e-commerce website alongside the reveal of the AW20 collection

THE hype for Charles Jeffrey’s clothes for his brand Loverboy has grown season after season with his show during London Fashion Week being a much-wanted ticket. Fans of the brand don’t need to wait any longer to get a hold of his collections as the Creative Director has just launched the e-commerce site.

In true Jeffrey style, this is no ordinary site. Yes, you can buy his collections, but he is also launching archive limited edition pieces from previous collections that have been styled and photographed by the designer himself – this gives clients and mega fans of the brand to experience Loverboy‘s past, present and future all at the same time.

Illustrations are the core of the Loverboy brand, and with that in mind, the site has a virtual drawn shopkeeper named Hamish. The character is a Scottish punk who can be found to speak peculiar statements akin to adverts as you surf through the pages. The reasoning behind this fun implementation into the website was that the designer wanted to make this experience as close to a video game as possible – as a child, he wanted to become a game designer.

Hamish is not the only illustration on the website, as you wonder through the website there are other drawings and gender symbols helping to celebrate gender-fluid, gender-queer, non-binary and transgender identities whilst you shop. In addition, for the first time outside of private commissions, exclusive prints will be available to buy on the website.

The Loverboy website launches with the backbone being the AW20 collection entitled Hell Mend You . Inspired by the Glaswegian youth, the brand’s eponymous tartan is what ties the clothes together infused with a strong attitude to bring the clothes alive. The photographs give a sense of rebellion mixed with fun, a cocktail that Jeffrey mixes incredibly well.

Looks from the Loverboy AW20 collection

by Imogen Clark 


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