THE MUCH adored Dior Rose des Vents collection, designed by their head jeweller Victoire de Castellane has new additions. The collection is focused around Monsieur Dior’s lucky star and reinterpreted as a wind rose, a star known for it’s eight points, which is encased in a medallion to emphasise its beauty when worn.

Collage by Patrick Waugh for Dior
Collage by Patrick Waugh © Association Willy Maywald/ADAGP, Paris 202

The collection continues to grow, now introducing the Rose Céleste, a homage to the founder‘s love for art centred around prophecy. The new jewellery elegantly combines emerald and malachite with feminine mother-of-pearl and diamond to equate to designs that are both refined and bold – designed into multi-coloured chokers, four strand necklaces and cuffs.

Collage by Patrick Waugh

Talisman-inspired earrings and a ring combine the rich blue of lapis lazuli with a compass rose against a combination of the classic mother-of-pearl and diamond setting that Dior execute so well.

Collage by Patrick Waugh

The hypnotic collection transports you into outerspace with yellow gold symbolising the warmth of the sun whilst the silver tones encapsulate the magic of the moon. The wind roses, circle rings and diamonds are worn together to present a sea of stars against your skin – the ultimate set of jewellery to wear in the evenings.

by Imogen Clark


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