The new Bulgari Aluminium 2020 watch launches online

THE new Bulgari Aluminium 2020 watch has just been launched marking the 20-year anniversary of the line. Since its introduction, the watches have aimed to appeal to all – in terms of gender, age, trends, eras, and social profile. As the name suggests, the watch line is constructed from aluminium, as well as rubber, for a sporty, casual addition the Bulgari watch collection.

Bulgari Aluminum Collection

Bulgari Aluminum Collection Campaign

Watches Managing Director, Antoine Pin describes the collection with the following, “Masterpieces [that] impose themselves to the crowd from the moment of their birth and they never die. Bulgari Aluminium is a masterpiece of design; and a milestone in the history of the watch industry for its unique design and combination of industrial materials.”

Bulgari is known for its precious metals and stones and

the new Bulgari separates itself from its other collections through its focus on cool, sporty style, while maintaining the brand’s signature craftsmanship and Italian flare. It’s a versatile and durable addition to the Bulgari family, designed for the on-the-go busy professional to seamlessly blend elements of workwear with activewear.

by Emma Hart

For more information on the Bulgari Aluminum collection, click here 


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