Cartier Joins The Lion’s Share Fund

CARTIER has joined The Lion’s Share Fund to tackle the crisis in nature, biodiversity and climate. Led by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Fund aims to raise over US$100 million per year within the next five years in order to protect natural habitats. The Fund requests that brands to contribute 0.5 per cent of their media spend when an animal is featured in their advertisements.

Since September 2018, the Fund has helped the Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique to eliminate elephant poaching and co-financed the purchase of land for critically endangered species in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

The Fund has responded to the Covid-19 crisis by announcing new grants to support communities which depend on wildlife-based tourism.

According to The Lion’s Share Fund, animals appear in approximately 20 per cent of all advertisements in the world but rarely receive support. The fund unites brands, conservationists and consumers to take action to protect our planet.

Cyrille Vigneron, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cartier International, says that ”the beauty of the natural world has always been a source of inspiration and creativity for Cartier’s timeless pieces.”

by Kate Haselden


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