Bottega Veneta - The Fringe Crisscross.

Bottega Veneta debuts Handbag Collection The Crisscross

This season, Bottega Veneta has announced the masterpiece bag collection from Daniel Lee – The Crisscross and The Fringe Crisscross. The Intrecciato weave is well known as an iconic element of the Bottega Veneta brand and this collection embraces this with a twist on the clutch body, which presents an elevated clutch for every daywear.

Describing the Crisscross clutch as a “transmitter of pure joie de vivre”, the brand’s Intrecciato design continues to be a staple of the brand.

Bottega Veneta Handbag Collection – The Crisscross Clutch

The Fringe Crisscross is rooted in a muted, autumnal palette of Black, Brownie and Porridge. The subtle, softened colour palette means the bag will enhance Autumnal ensembles. Leather fringing cascades from the contorted silhouette of the clutch, creating a dramatic and elongated effect. The fringing adds a tactile dimension to the new style.

The Crisscross design continues to evolve into exciting, innovative silhouettes.

Bottega Veneta Handbags – The Fringe Crisscross and The Crisscross

By Kate Haselden


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