Louis Vuitton presents a new campaign showcasing their core values through photography

OVER the past couple of months, fashion took a step back. Designers went back to their roots and collections were toned down – we paused. With this in mind, Louis Vuitton’s new campaign strips the extravagance away and focuses on the core values that the French luxury brand is built upon.

Louis Vuitton Campaign 2020

The beginnings of the Maison started with a young Louis Vuitton mastering the craft of creating custom boxes and trunks for clients who travelled from place-to-place. At the very heart of this brand is their ‘Art of Travel’ that has continued through generations and is still very much alive today.

This campaign takes us on a journey to Iceland where a local production team were equipped with a brief to show us the beauty in escapism; all photographed by Viviane Sassen.

Louis Vuitton Campaign 2020

A country nicknamed the Land of Fire and Ice, Sassen certainly managed to capture the mesmerising beauty of the scenery. Constant juxtapositions were the perfect outline for the strong message Louis Vuitton was trying to create.

The island’s black beaches in the south and the electric glacier lakes in the north, and even the bright ice and snow created a campaign unlike any other.

Louis Vuitton Campaign 2020

No models were used, instead Icelandic school children are at the forefront of the imagery unravelling the viewer’s innocence as trunks are shaped to represent the Eiffel Tower and, the freedom embedded in the youth oozes into the photos.

The campaign isn’t about Iceland, but it does show that Louis Vuitton doesn’t have a home, it is a brand that belongs to us all.

by Imogen Clark


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