Emporio Armani presents AW 2020-2021 Men's and Women's Fashion Show

Emporio Armani presents AW 2020-2021 Men’s and Women’s Fashion Show in Chengdu

EMPORIO Armani presented the Autumn/Winter 2020-2021 Men’s and Women’s fashion show in Chengdu on 24 October 2020. Holding a private cocktail party at the Emporio Armani boutique, the event was attended by Emporio Armani’s brand’s global ambassador Jackson Yee, Vanda Margraf, Wang Feifei and Wen Qi.

Emporio Armani global ambassador Jackson Yee.

During the party, guests were welcome to explore the renovated boutique, which covers a total floor area of 615 square metres and features two display windows. The concept was designed by Giorgio Armani in collaboration with the team of architects.

The design interprets a notion of immaterial lightness, with curved walls creating a sense of rhythm while light back walls ensure the clothing is accentuated in the space.

Using bright glass sculptures to display accessories, they also create a path towards different zones of the boutique. White walls stand in stark contrast with the dark, backlit ceilings, creating a linear and harmonious effect.

Emporio Armani, Wang Feifei

Launched by Giorgio Armani in 1981, Emporio Armani is a line intended for the younger generation. Today, the world-renowned brand is rooted in a powerfully experimental and metropolitan style which retains the characteristics of elegance essential to the Armani aesthetic. 

Emporio Armani boutique in Chengdu

by Kate Haselden


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