Luc Tuymans exhibition titled Good Luck opens in Hong Kong

DAVID Zwirner‘s new exhibition launching in their Hong Kong site brings Belgian artist Luc Tuymans‘ new exhibition titled Good Luck to the city – this will be the artist’s first solo presentation in Greater China.

Showcasing a selection of recent paintings as well as a new animated video that incorporates a range of historical and contemporary imagery. Together, these two different channels of art lead to the notion embedded in the title, presenting both a paradox and uncertainty.

Luc Tuyman‘s Good Luck

For those unaware of Tuymans‘ work, he has become known for his distinctive style of painting that puts bold imagery at the forefront of his pieces. Rising to recognition in the 1980s, the artist took a different approach to figurative painting and explored how information could be layered and embedded within signifiers.

He tends to used a muted palette as it draws the conclusion that his work is like a blurry recollection or as if one has a fading memory of certain events.

Luc Tuyman‘s Good Luck

Though not bold colour-wise, his pieces shouldn’t be taken lightly. Each painting has a moral complexity in each stroke and asks questions about history and certain subject matters.

Animated video at Luc Tuyman‘s Good Luck

The Good Luck exhibition is multi-faceted in nature. Some of the pieces on display are a group of canvases that have been painted from images of Delft tiles from the 17th-century Dutch imperialism. These originally came about due to an increase in demand of Ming dynasty ceramics in Europe which were demanded at a lower price during what is considered the golden age of Dutch trade.

It used Chinese techniques and therefore gave the appearance of Chinese porcelain but adapted to European taste and materials.

by Imogen Clark

Good Luck shows until December 19, 2020 at 5-6/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central Hong Kong


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