Louis Vuitton unveils a second exceptional diamond discovery

NOT even a year has passed by since the extraordinary discovery of the 1758-carat Sewelô diamond as a part of Louis Vuitton‘s collaboration with the Lucara Diamond Corp, another magnificent rough diamond has been found.

On the morning of the 1 February 2020 at the Karowe mine in Botswana, a Motswana diamond finder discovered a pristine rough diamond in the MDR (Mega Diamond Recovery XRT circuit). After all the tests and eyes analysing this find, it was concluded to be a 549-carat diamond that excelled in purity, lustre and colour, cementing itself as one of the most prestigious diamonds in the world.

Sethunya Diamond

Antwerp-based diamond supplier and manufacturer, HB Antwerp aids Louis Vuitton both creatively and commercially to help the French luxury fashion brand to take the rough gem to a polished stone, and finally into a piece of high-jewellery fit for a Louis Vuitton client.

Named Sethunya, after the word for flower in the Setswana language, the 549-carat diamond is an ode to the brand’s Monogram flower. Estimated to be around 1-2 billion years old, this is truly a piece of fine art created by the Earth.

Louis Vuitton is offering bespoke diamonds to be cut and polished at the request of clients from this rare piece giving you the ultimate made-to-order experience. Not only are you able to get a piece of this unrivalled diamond, you are the one in the driving chair choosing what design you want to be cut by the experts in Antwerp.

In addition to this discovery, Louis Vuitton launches their high jewellery collection Stellar Times; a homage to the night sky through masterpieces that incorporate gem stones to infuse an element of magic.

by Imogen Clark 


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