Cartier launches luxury everyday products perfect for your home!

HAVING conquered the world of luxury and fine jewellery, Cartier is launching four collections inspired by the themes of decoration, writing, childhood and games. Since 1880, Cartier has pursued perfecting the ordinary with their earliest creations beyond jewels being fragrances, powder boxes and stationery.

Diabolo de Cartier Music Box

The aim is to bring beauty into your everyday, so a curated selection of materials were chosen to thread the pieces together – metal, porcelain, leather, paper and cashmere.

Across the four collections, the Panthère de Cartier, Cartier Baby, Centrelacés de Cartier and Diabolo de Cartier, each and every object is made using the maison’s signatures to ensure that the new mirrors the history of Cartier.

Diabolo de Cartier Writing Set
Panthère de Cartier Cards & Envelopes
Panthère de Cartier Pencil Holder

Continuing the tradition of hand writing, today Cartier unveils sketchbooks, pencil boxes, ink-pads, notebooks and invitation cards adorned by either a panther or ribbon, linking back to the jewellery collections. From launching their first fountain pens all those years ago, the new additions echo the codes of Cartier.

Diabolo de Cartier Set of 4 Small Trinket Trays

Trinket trays, vases and lacquered wooden jewellery and watch cases are inscribed either with the panther, double C or ribbon to add a touch of elegance into your bedroom.

Panthère de Cartier Solitaire Game
Diabolo de Cartier Wooden Blocks

For bringing the family together, a solitaire game and blocks have been downsized for the ease of travel. Symbols of the house like Cartier bellboys have been etched onto the sides and enclosed in a gold-festooned classic red box.

Cartier Baby Rattle
Cartier Baby Tumbler

Sentimental gifts for children in the form of an egg cup, rattle, a tumbler, a cashmere blanket and a silver photo frame engraved with either a butterfly, rabbit, panda and fox.

Perfect for gifts, and with Christmas fast approaching, these are the perfect additions to anyone’s home. It’s time to get some more Cartier!

by Imogen Clark 


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