Glass presents Fendi’s collaboration with artist Sarah Coleman

AHEAD of Design Miami this week, Fendi have collaborated with New York based artist Sarah Coleman – a visual artist known for taking mundane objects and giving them a luxury twist by playing with logos and brand archives. Coleman has not only taken creative control of the Miami Design District Fendi store, but also created an array of limited edition unique pieces that mix prints and pattern synonymous to the Italian brand.

Fendi x Sarah Coleman Peekaboo Yellow
Fendi x Sarah Coleman Peekaboo Multi-coloured
Fendi x Sarah Coleman Peekaboo Glow-in-dark

Unveiling three new unique styles of the Fendi Peekaboo ISeeU bags, designed by Creative Director Silvia Venturini Fendi and Sarah Coleman.

The three designs are: the Fendi yellow with the FF initials embossed into a repeating pattern, another made from white nappa leather with phosphorescent FF embroidery that glows in the dark, and the third Peekaboo comes in a white canvas body with multi-coloured FF thread throughout.

Fendi x Sarah Coleman

Additionally, the artist has created one-of-a-kind Peekaboo bags in white canvas that have been decorated with plaster and acrylic paint, and FFs that are cut from suede and glazed in resin. The inspiration behind the piece comes from Coleman’s fascination with Fendi’s tradition of continually recreating classics but from different perspectives using different materials and techniques. The end product looks retro and aligns with the classic taste of the Fendi customer, but still feels innovative and new.

Making of Fendi x Sarah Coleman

Alongside the new product designs, the Miami store is the perfect cocktail between Coleman’s art aesthetic and the Fendi DNA. Taking fabrics used to construct handbags and repurposing them to reupholster furniture injects a new sense of life into them. Mixing archival Fendi imagery with vintage magazines and bold logos creates an exciting environment for the Design Week.

Fendi, once again proves that you can take the very foundations of Fendi and continually rejuvenate them in the most spectacular ways!

by Imogen Clark 


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