Glass tries, tests and loves Marc Jacobs’ Skincare Sundae Set

WHENEVER fashion designers take the leap from clothes to skincare, there is a slight hesitation. Can they produce equally good skincare products of the same high-quality as their clothing? Will they choose the best ingredients in the same way they choose fabrics?

So, when I got my hands on the Marc Jacobs Skincare Sundae set, I didn’t know what to expect. I am someone who has a routine when it comes to skincare and gets nervous straying too far from it.

Marc Jacobs Skincare Sundae Set

The Marc Jacobs Skincare Sundae set is made up of four products: the Youthquake Coconut Crème Glycolic Facial, Youthquake Hydra-Full Retexturizing Gel CrèmeUnder(cover) Blurring Coconut Face Primer in Blur-fection and the Re(cover) Hydrating Coconut Lip Oil in Kissability. In the same order as mentioned is a routine to hydrate and smooth your skin and lips.

The first step directs you to use the Youthquake Coconut Crème Glycolic Facial, which you apply a generous layer to dry skin and are told to wait about 10 minutes before applying warm water and massaging it in. The off-white coloured mask is easily applied, and once you add water goes from a thick texture to a scrub, which rubs off any impurities on your skin’s surface.

After gently patting my face dry, I applied the Youthquake Hydra-Full Retexturizing Gel Crème. As someone who has stuck to the same moisturiser for years and swears by it, I was pleasantly surprised by how hydrating it was. I think I found my new favourite moisturiser, something I did not expect to happen.

The yellow light-weight gel crème is made from enzymatic pineapple water and coconut oil to rejuvenate your skin. Not only does the combination of both of these ingredients remind you of the summer, but they also lock in the moisture leaving your skin glowing and super soft. The name Youthquake definitely seems fitting!

Marc Jacobs Skincare Sundae Set

The Blurring Coconut Primer is made from five forms of coconut to help smooth your complexion. The consistency is quite thick, however, it is literally like airbrushing your face. As you stroke the colourless primer onto your face, your pores and lines vanish. You can either opt for leaving this on for a “no make-up” look, or if you prefer using foundation, your make-up will glide across your face leaving your skin hydrated, and you looking quite literally flawless. This product has definitely lived up to the hype!

Lastly, in the Skincare Sundae pack is the Hydrating Coconut Lip Oil. Made with coconut oil and aloe vera, this is your best friend during these winter months. Completely clear, this gloss will keep your lips looking kissable for the mistletoe, as well as providing a good base for applying lipstick. This gloss hasn’t left my side since I got it – I even apply it before I go to sleep so I wake up with smooth and insanely hydrated lips!

Marc Jacobs Skincare Sundae Set

Not only is this set a great Christmas present to someone, or even yourself, it is worth the hype and good reviews. Marc Jacobs has surpassed all expectations, and he is just as brilliant on the runway as he is in skincare!

by Imogen Clark 

Marc Jacobs Sundae Set £65.00


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