Glass showcases Alexander McQueen‘s three new jewellery collections

ALEXANDER McQueen are debuting three new jewellery families in their SS21 pre-collection. Known for bold, sharp tailoring, no McQueen woman is fully dressed without her jewellery. Now, with three more mini-collections to choose from, there is something for everyone.

The Punk Chain family is distinguished by its bold shapes and sizes. Multi-chain jewellery is a strong theme in this family which is emphasised by the mixing of gold and silver metal to allude back to its name of Punk Chain. Featuring three lucky charms for you to carry with you, a magical hand, a coin medallion and an owl are seen throughout the pieces to add to its magical nature.

Punk Chain:y Adama Jalloh
Punk Chain: Photograph: Chloe Le Drezen

The second new jewellery collection is the Baroque Pearl family known for its unconventional pearl shapes coming in natural white and pearlescent jet – directly inspired by the pre-ss21 collection. Chandelier and stick earrings and double rings are highlights from the Baroque Pearl collection.

Baroque Pearl. Photograph: Adama Jalloh

Lastly, Alexander McQueen presents the Jewelled family. One of the most diverse collections as it includes ear cuffs, double rings, large rings and necklaces in both short and long length. Vintage inspired frames carved out of crystal are highlighted with electric coloured stones juxtaposed with river pearls.

Jewelled. Photograph: Adama Jalloh
Jewelled. Photograph: Adama Jalloh

With Christmas fast approaching, there is enough time to put Alexander McQueen jewellery on your wish-list.

by Imogen Clark 


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