Louis Vuitton launches necklace collection named after their mascot Vivienne

FROM surfing the waves to flying high in Monogram hot-air balloons to then becoming a loveable cuddly toy for children, the Louis Vuitton mascot, Vivienne is now being transformed into jewellery.

The charming character now intertwined into the history of the French fashion house started as a decorative object that symbolised the character and fun that Louis Vuitton represents.

LV Vivienne

Now venturing into jewellery, Vivienne is becoming a pendant for all to take with them. Using the high artisanal craftsmanship at the brand, and combining coloured jewels with precious materials, the pendant is a piece of true beauty. Using the LV Monogram flowers as inspiration, the round and pointed flowers are embedded with diamonds while her arms are able to move and dance to the sound of your beat.

LV Vivienne Family

Available in two sizes and different styles depending on your taste, the Vivienne is Louis Vuitton’s most exciting launch. Forget four-leaf clovers, your new lucky mascot is the Vivienne necklace.

by Imogen Clark


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