Glass focuses on Alexander McQueen’s hybrid technique

EVOLVING into an Alexander McQueen signature, the technique of piecing, patching and splicing material together to create hybrid garments has become a staple of the brand. Seen in both menswear and womenswear, Creative Director Sarah Burton continues her dialogue of creating his-and-hers matching pieces.

Alexander McQueen Hybrid Knitwear
Alexander McQueen Hybrid Knitwear
Alexander McQueen Hybrid Knitwear

A prime of example of how this hybrid technique creates more innovative clothing is seen in the women’s pre spring-summer 2021 collection. The navy and ivory striped dress was patched with cashmere and wool intarsia with a godet hem and square neckline.

Alexander McQueen Hybrid Knitwear

Whilst for the spring-summer 2021 menswear collection, knitwear was inspired by sports attire. Pieces were deconstructed and then reconstructed, like the wool jacquard sweater inspired by cricketers vest, in black, red and ivory. The jumper was styled with pleated knee-length wool gabardine shorts, and alternatively seen with black jersey sweater bottoms with a contrasting side stripe.

The fascinating techniques used by the McQueen team continually amaze us all as their adventure for the undiscovered stays bright.

by Imogen Clark 


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