Pick some Prada for your loved one this Valentine’s Day

AS WE get closer to the day dedicated to celebrating love, Prada has selected a special array of gifts for him and her. Spanning across the new signature designs from the spring-summer 2021 collection, for women the hailed Cleo bag is a favourite while the silver Prada Symbole jewellery pieces that mix punk with elegance are a must-have.

Prada Cleo for Her – HKD 16,400
Prada Bag for Her – HKD 15,300
Prada for Her – HKD 6,650
Prada for Her – HKD 5,450
Prada Earrings for Her – HKD 7,350

For men, black-and-white are the strong dominating colour combinations. The Prada Brique is the new modern bag for men while the Italian brand also offers a range of timeless small accessories made from brushed leather – the classic Prada material that was used in the 1990s.

Prada for Him – HKD 19,400
Prada for Him – HKD 3,900
Prada for Him – HKD 17,400
Prada Bag for Him – HKD 17,400

Whether you’re looking to buy for him or for her, Prada has an accessory for everyone.

by Imogen Clark


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