White Cube Hong Kong presents Bruce Nauman’s Presence/Absence

This Spring, White Cube will present Bruce Nauman’s Presence/Absence, a selection of video installations made between 1999 and 2013. While Nauman’s career spans 50 years, this will mark Nauman’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong.

Nauman was born in 1941 in Fort Wayne, Indiana and lives and works in New Mexico, exploring a variety of media.

Presence/Absence is delivered in the wake of the 2012 White Cube Bermondsey presentation of Nauman’s 1960s film pieces, each entered around his body. These later works continue to explore Nauman’s visions for video.

Bruce Nauman, “Setting a Good Corner (Allegory & Metaphor)”, 1999 (still) DVD (colour, sound) 59:30 minutes edition of 40

Setting a Good Corner (Allegory & Metaphor) (1999) was filmed on his ranch in Galisteo, and shows the artist building a wooden corner on which to stretch a fence and hang a gate, against a backdrop of his sun-drenched farm land, and interrupted only by the painter Susan Rottenberg, his wife, and their dogs.

4th Finger Start (2013) is filmed partly from Nauman’s perspective, and explore the illusions that can be created by viewing objects form two lines of sight. In the films, his hands gesture to each other; his fingers flitting eerily across the dual fields of vision.

Bruce Nauman, “4th Finger Start”, 2013 HD video installation (colour, mono sound, continuous play, synchronous loop) 5 minutes 37 seconds

Bruce Nauman, Bullet Illusion/Pencil Illusion, 2013 HD video installation (colour, mono sound, continuous play, asynchronous loop)

by Connie de Pelet

Presence/Absence is at White Cube Hong Kong, 10 March to 8 May, 2021


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