Louis Vuitton continues their design collaboration with Zanellato Bortotto Lanterns

HAVING returned from their Objets Nomades exhibition in Hong Kong’s historical Pedder Building, Louis Vuitton continues their collaboration with Italian design duo studio Zanellato Bortotto. This new addition sees an array of stylish lanterns crafted from leather weaving, continuing the theme that links their taste with the history of Louis Vuitton.

Each lantern is complete with a blown glass light dome diffusing the geometric pattern inspired by the beehives creating a warm glow in its surrounding area when lit.

LVgreen lantern
 Louis Vuitton Zanellato Bortotto Pistachio Lantern

The interwoven pieces of Louis Vuitton leather incase a frosted glass bulb with a rechargeable LED light, creating a portable light that can be placed and rearranged in your home with ease. The light also features details that relate to the classic handbags that the brand is known for; like the sleek carry strap and the three brass feet protecting the leather from scratches – hinting at the metalware of the bags.

LVred lantern
Louis Vuitton Zanellato Bortotto Red Lantern

The delicate tones of pistachio and red berries are infused into the Zanellato Bortotto lanterns eliciting memories of warm summer nights into your home. Available in two sizes and colours, these lanterns will make the perfect addition to your room this summer.

by Imogen Clark 


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