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Guerlain launches Bloom a Kiss, Save the Bees Instagram campaign

ICONIC beauty and fragrance house Guerlain has launched a new month-long bee conservation campaign on Instagram called Bloom a Kiss, Save the Bees.

The campaign, kickstarted by Guerlain muse Natalia Vodianova, will run throughout April, encouraging social media users to join a KissKiss selfie chain to help protect bees.

Guerlain KissKiss Shine Bloom Lipstick

To join the KissKiss chain, all you need to do is post a virtual kiss on Instagram using the KissKiss filter, tagging Guerlain and adding the hashtag #GuerlainKissKissChain. One kiss will equal 10,000 melliferous – or honey-producing — flowers planted. The sowing of this nectar and pollen-rich food source for bees will help combat the destruction of their habitats and the threat of extinction.

Those planting the melliferous flowers will stem from Women for Bees, an entrepreneurial beekeeping programme for women run by Guerlain and Unesco in collaboration with the French Observatory of Apidology.

Guerlain Bloom a Kiss, Save the Bees Campaign

The campaign coincides with the launch of the House’s new KissKiss Shine Bloom lip colour – a gleaming, hydrating tint made of 95 per cent naturally derived ingredients.

“Considered an environmental sentinel, beyond being a symbol, the bee has become a guide for Guerlain’s commitment to sustainability,” said the House. “For over ten years, Guerlain has been committed to protecting bees. Bearing witness to our times and now at risk, bees play a fundamental role in the pollination required for flowers and plants to reproduce.”

by Joshua Hendren


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