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Glass discovers the science behind Chanel’s UV Essentiel

WITH summer on the horizon, it’s more important than ever to ensure your skin is properly protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Thankfully, that’s where UV Essentiel comes in – Chanel’s feather-light anti-UV formula.

Beyond offering broad-spectrum SPF 50 protection – blocking short and long UVA, UVB and indoor lighting – UV Essentiel comes enriched with natural antioxidant and anti-pollution ingredients. Combining Life Plant PFA* and Desert Yeast Extract, the exceptional gel-cream works to heighten the skin’s defences against urban stressors while maintaining optimal hydration levels, making it the ideal sunscreen for not only the warmer months but all year long.

Breaking down the science, Armelle Souraud, Chanel’s International Director of Scientific Communications and spokesperson for Chanel skincare, speaks to Glass about the importance of UV protection and the youth-preserving properties of UV Essentiel’s Complete Protection formula.

Why is it important to wear sunscreen both outdoors and indoors, whatever the weather?
We all know that it is important to protect the skin against oxidative stresses coming from indoors and outdoors and especially UV rays – both UVA and UVB – to preserve it from premature ageing.

Skin protection is a healthy gesture. It has to be adapted, and personalised, according to a woman’s way of life – where they are living, the weather, the season, the level of UV exposure – and their skin needs, such as skin type, phototype and skin condition.

We must be particularly careful with UVA rays that are responsible for two-thirds of premature skin ageing and that we do not feel, unlike the UVB rays which burn. Keeping in mind that we can be exposed even on cloudy days, or through windows. We often think about the protection of the face but we should not forget the neck, neckline and the hands.

Beyond offering UVA and UVB protection, Chanel’s UV Essentiel also touts numerous skin benefits – could you explain what these are?
UV Essentiel offers more than an anti-UVA and UVB shield, it also protects the skin from oxidative stress, pollution and dehydration to prevent the appearance of signs of ageing.

It delivers a very high protection against UV rays – UVA, UVB and indoor lighting – with SPF 50, even under intense sun and is enriched with two natural and powerful antioxidants.

Life Plant PFA extract is created from a plant capable of growing and living in extreme UV exposure conditions. Intensely antioxidant, it helps skin to protect itself from oxidative stress to prevent DNA damage.

Desert yeast extract regulates the impact of pollution particles, stimulates skin’s natural defence to reinforce its barrier function and helps skin maintain an optimal hydration level. It prevents the appearance of skin ageing, pigmented spots, wrinkles, skin reactivity and dryness.

The exceptional texture of UV Essentiel creates a sensation of absolute comfort: physical comfort with skin that can breathe and the assurance that it is protected and preserved from external stresses. It combines the lightness of a gel and the comfort of a cream. Skin is instantly refreshed, hydrated and luminous, ideally primed for makeup application.

Armelle Sourand
Armelle Souraud – Chanel’s International Director of Scientific Communications

How important is the reapplication of SPF throughout the day?
To accompany women and offer them the opportunity to adapt their skin protection to their way of life and skin needs, Chanel has created a complete urban daily protection to protect the skin against UV rays, oxidative stress, pollution and dehydration.

To simplify women’s lives, it can be integrated into a morning beauty routine before make up as well as by touch-up during the day.

With Chanel’s UV Essentiel or CC Cream, Chanel offers beauty-on-the-go products combining high level of skin protection and sensorial textures that can slip into the handbag for easy retouching during the day, to guarantee a well protected skin in all circumstances.

Easy to use, they were both designed with layering in mind. It is important to re-apply UV protection regularly before going outside for a walk, a lunch on the terrace, to practice sport etc.

How should you apply Chanel UV Essentiel?
Apply as the final step of your daily skincare ritual and before make up application to entire face, neck, décolleté and hands and touch up during the day.

Having a holistic and customised approach to skin protection is important. The level of SPF protection has to be adapted to a women’s way of life and their skin specificities. Give privilege to anti-UVA and UVB formulas enriched with antioxidants, to protect skin against oxidative stress including the one generated by blue light emitted from screens. Choose a fluid and fresh pleasurable texture that can be layered and easily re-applied during the day.

How has Chanel catered for sensitive skin with the formulation of UV Essential?
Our products are dermatologically tested, including on a sample of women with sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive, you may experience sensations of discomfort, tugging, burning, and even redness. These sensations arise when the skin barrier is altered and it can’t adequately protect the skin from oxidative stress (due to pollution, climate variations).

UV Essentiel stimulates the skins natural defences to reinforce its barrier function, helps skin maintain an optimal hydration level and prevents the appearance of skin reactivity and dryness.

by Joshua Hendren

Chanel’s UV Essentiel SPF is available to buy here


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