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Boutique brand Cocobunny debuts a bucket hat collection

BOUTIQUE Brand Cocobunny has launched a collection of alternative and quirky bucket hats. Inspired by cultural references from the ‘90s and early 2000s, the collection melds the flair and attitude from both eras to create a characterful style to resonates with contemporary audiences.

Leather Bucket Hat in Navy 
Cotton Bucket Hat in Reversible Yellow Plaid

The project was first formulated in 2020 by photographer and designer Renee Parkhurst amid LA’s quarantine period. Although the pandemic has posed many challenges, for many like Parkhurst, it’s been framed with the opportunity to thrive on the past and create.

Faux Fur Bucket Hat in Patchwork
Cotton Bucket Hat in Black With Embroidery

Cocobunny hats are crafted from the highest quality fabrics, including domestically harvested cotton, plush Italian faux fur and hand-sewn patchwork detail. With a torrent of rich textures and dynamic tones, the collection sees hats rendered in a daffodil-yellow check and an elegant luxurious leather hat which when caught by the light, unveils a radiant teal tone.

An exquisite faux fur bucket hat is comprised of garnet shades, off white and silver, together with an inky-black bucket hat emblazoned with Cocobunny along the brim.

Leather Bucket Hat in Black and White Two Toned

An effortless accessory that once worn, exudes a casually cool manner, the bucket hat has long been a fashion fix. Cocobunny places bucket hearts at the heart of their brand, dedicating time to researching the finest fabrics and techniques. The result is a collection that offers a twist on the traditional bucket hat style, transforming the headwear from an accessory to the attire’s starring role.

by Sophia Ford-Palmer 


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