FREEDOM is the word on everyone’s lips and Hermès are putting that idea at the forefront of their mind. With the great outdoors now no longer forbidden and the wider perspectives now in view, the reinvention of our wardrobe begins. Forget sweats, pyjamas and throw out your loungewear because for spring-summer 2022 fabric and technical innovation are back.

Looking beyond the seams, the duality of appearance is what Hermès are keen to look at it. Cotton and Toilbright, a unique patented fabric exclusive to the French fashion House, are infused into one, leather is dyed into a multitude of bright colours and stitching is designed to be seen and not hidden.

Hybrid-styles are in full swing this season as the approach to create clothes that will see you go from day to night effortlessly is something they want to perfect. Think overshirts, jacket-cardigans, Bermuda shorts, coats and parkas made from two fabrics with flexible silhouettes, yet drenched in sophistication. With a colour palette that puts grey into pink and celebrates the hues of green, stretching from algae to celadon, and contrasting with bright yellow and deep white, the clothes embark on a visual holiday.

These clothes were made to be worn, they were created to be lived in and most importantly, designed to enjoy everything we missed out on over the course of the past year. One of the qualities that has led Hermès to continually excel is that their clothes and accessories are so personal to the wearer that each individual will style them differently. So whether you will wear these pieces on the street or beside the beach, Hermès has hopefully given you the most chic taste of freedom.

by Imogen Clark 

All photographs: Filippo Fior


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