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Welcome to the Summer 2021 issue of Glass – Balance

WELCOME to the 2021 summer issue of Glassthemed balance. Today, more than ever, striving to attain balance has become crucial. Whether this is globally in the realm of politics, or in terms of information and the media – in which attaining a balanced perspective is increasingly difficult, or on a more personal level – external or internal, we do refer to healthy food as being a balanced diet. As the Greek philosopher, Epicurus, said, “Be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance.”

Felicity Jones photographer Gavin Bond
Felicity Jones. Photograph: Gavin Bond

We asked one of our cover stars, the British actor Felicity Jones, about what balance means to her, and she said, “Balance is the holy grail but it’s a twisty path to get there, although I feel like I’m starting to accept more that life fluctuates.”

Aespa photographer Jang Migeun
Aespa. Photograph: Jang Migeun

For this issue, we also shot the four members of aespa (sic), the leading K-pop girl group who also operate in a fully realised virtual world, as avatars, as well as in the real world. This is what balance means to aespa. Karina, one of four members, says, “I think that is my homework—and homework for many people. I know that I always want to maintain a healthy balance of thoughts and emotions. I still have so much to learn in order to get there, so I always try to learn from others.”

Constance Wu photographer Mark Squires
Constance Wu. Photograph: Mark Squires

Her co-member, Winter, shares, “I believe you can become more balanced by centring yourself, always allowing your words and actions to come from that central point.” While Giselle adds, “Balance is about finding equality in achieving results. What you put in is what you get.” And Ningning, the final member, thinks, “Balance to me is all about love. I think that love balances out every scenario.”

Miranda Kerr photographer Josh Olins
Miranda Kerr. Photograph: Josh Olins

I hope you find these as opinions as fascinating as I do and that you enjoy this summer issue of Glass.

by Caroline Simpson

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