Glass Man Summer 2021

Welcome to the Summer 2021 issue of Glass Man – Balance

WELCOME to the 2021 summer issue of Glass Man, themed balance – a multifaceted subject, whether it is means finding a work/life balance or pertaining to loftier subjects like politics or the media. As the American theologian and mystic Thomas Merton says, “Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.” How can we find balance? It is a slippery thing to attain – hovering over the horizon, just out of reach.

It could simply mean taking a break from social media or even from using your mobile phone (you know you can do it). On a larger scale, finding a balanced or a neutral nuanced point of view might mean checking a range of diverse but reliable sources to assess if information is based on factual research or just someone’s biased one-sided opinion. (The Full Fact site is a great resource for this.)

We asked some of the talents featured in the Glass Man summer issue what balance means to them.

Wiz Khalifa photograph Angelo D'Agostino
Wiz Khalifa. Photograph: Angelo D’Agostino

The rapper and entrepreneur Wiz Khalifa tells us, “It’s all about being happy, experiencing new things, learning and changing. That’s what it really is to me – it’s just really trying to cover all bases and stay productive at the same time.”

Aaron Pierre photograph Joseph Sinclair
Aaron Pierre. Photograph: Joseph Sinclair

While the up-and-coming British actor Aaron Pierre says, “Balance is being grounded, balance is being earthed, balance is being measured. I think balance is empathy, it is understanding, and it is love.”

American actor and producer Edwin Hodge adds, “Balance to me means that I’m in a content state of mind. The world presents us with chaos every day, so being able to shut out the noise and focus on my family, career and life experiences is very important to me.”

Jeremiah Jeremiah Berko Fordjour photographer Brian Daly
Jeremiah Berko Fordjour. Photograph: Brian Daly

So whether balance to you means being grounded or staying on top of your game, I hope you enjoy this summer issue and our exploration of balance.

by Caroline Simpson

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