Burberry x Blankos Block Party

Burberry collaborates with Blankos Block Party on a NFT collection

BURBERRY has announced it will be partnering with Mythical Games to create a non-fungible token (NFT) collection for the seminal, multiplayer party game, Blankos Block Party.

In the games rainbow-hued realm, players inhabit digital vinyl toys known as Blankos that live on a blockchain. With Burberry becoming the first luxury brand to feature in Blankos Block Party, this collaboration signifies a shift in the forging of creative communities.

Limited edition Burberry Blanko – Sharky B
Limited edition Burberry Blanko – Sharky B
Limited edition Burberry Blanko – Sharky B

Decorated with Burberry’s new TB Summer Monogram, the limited-edition Burberry Blanko – an endearing toothy shark christened Sharky B – is an NFT that can be purchased, upgraded, and sold within the Blankos Block Party marketplace. Sharky B can also be trained to master a plethora of potent powers, including speed and agility.

Limited edition Burberry Blanko – Sharky B

As part of this collection, Burberry will also unveil its own branded in-game NFT accessories, including a red-hot jetpack, armbands and pool shoes, which players can apply to any Blanko in their inventory.

Limited edition Burberry Blanko – Sharky B

Speaking of the partnership, Rod Manley, Burberry’s Chief Marketing Officer, remarked. “Pushing boundaries through experimentation sits at the heart of what we do at Burberry, and we are continually looking to connect with our communities in the spaces they love. With this exciting concept, we are able to unlock genuine value for the gaming community by encouraging players to interact with our brand in an environment that celebrates art, design and exploration.”

by Sophia Ford-Palmer 


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