Chanel Winter 2021 beauty collection

Chanel launches its winter 2021 make-up collection

CHANEL has launched its winter 2021 beauty collection, composed around a swirling kaleidoscope of moss greens, terracotta reds, light champagnes and silvers.

Chanel’s autumn/winter make-up collection

Designed to flatter and frame all eye colours, each colour harmony is comprised of three products, including Stylo Ombre Et Contour to seamlessly shape the eyes, along with the Ombre Premiere Laque to illuminate, synchronised with matching nails by Le Verins.

Chanel’s autumn/winter make-up collection

Supplementing the colour harmonises are the complementary products, specifically designed by the Chanel Makeup Creation Studio to suit all skin tones.

Chanel’s autumn/winter make-up collection

Two new shades of the rouge allure velvet luminous matte lip colour have been developed to sculpt the lips, without diverting the attention away from the eyes. Including Low Key, an apricot-hued dusty rose and Mode, a terracotta-toned brick red.

rouge allure velvet luminous matte lip colour

Chanel recommends beautifying the eyes by tracing with the Stylo Ombre Et Contour across the upper and lower lashlines to define and add depth to the feature.

Chanel’s autumn/winter make-up collection

Using the contour and light technique, apply the matching tone-on-tone shade of Ombre Premiere Laque to illuminate the centre of the eye, which has a lustrous, flaming finish, alighting the eyes with a hypnotic molten lava-like effect.

by Sophia Ford-Palmer


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