Le Bain de Chance Bath tablets

Chanel launches the Chance Eau Tendre Scented Bath Tablets

WITH restrictions easing in a matter of days, you may be suffering from a little post-pandemic stress or even drowning in the deluge of work left lingering in the office.

But a spell of self-care can be central to recharging the body and Chanel – who continue to place personal care at the heart of its beauty lines – have released the Le Bain de Chance Scented Bath Tablets to encourage this practice, alleviating any of the body’s built-up tension, allowing worries to drift away in a mist of white musk and jasmine.

Le Bain de Chance Bath tablets
 Le Bain de Chance Bath tablets

An extension of Chanel’s Chance line, the Le Bain de Chance Bath tablets gently infuses the bathwater in a tender concoction of floral and fruity accord, intertwined with the citrus freshness of grapefruit. The effervescent tablet dissolves instantly once submerged in water, without leaving any remnants of the tablet floating upon the surface.

 Le Bain de Chance Bath tablets

Composed with a myriad of nourishing ingredients, the bath tablet leaves skin feeling soft, hydrated and lightly scented with a poetic trail of fresh irises and sensual citruses.

by Sophia Ford-Palmer 

The Le Bain de Chance Bath tablets are available to buy here.


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