Louis Vuitton’s mascot Vivienne expands into 11 new jewellery creations

CONCEIVED in 2018, the delicate figurine named Vivienne has become Louis Vuitton’s most beloved mascot. Adapting to every environment you place her in, the object has become synonymous for her every evolving style to suit all occasions.

Now, expanding her family and introducing 11 unprecedented jewellery creations. Paying homage to the cultures close to the heart of the French brand, these globetrotters have no boundaries and certainly know no borders.

Vivienne Louis Vuitton Expansion
Vivienne Plum
Vivienne Louis Vuitton Expansion
Vivienne Panda

Beginning the expansion with the Vivienne Plum, the little ornament comes in pink gold, diamonds and red lacquer hinting at a more romantic aura while the Vivienne Panda, reimagined in black and white with two shades of gold, more diamonds, onyx and lacquer, is meant to symbolise luck and friendship.

Vivienne Louis Vuitton Expansion
Vivienne Samurai

Vivienne Hanbok is designed with the Korean ancestral garment in mind, coming in polished pink and white gold, while the Vivienne Samurai is dressed in yellow and white gold, finished with black and red lacquer to reflect the Japanese samurai.

Vivienne Louis Vuitton Expansion
Vivienne Surfer
Vivienne Louis Vuitton Expansion
Vivienne Casino

Vivienne Surfer, the most athletic of the family sports a blue lacquer and has a long board with the LV Monogram logo engraved on it. Vivienne Casino is a little more playful with hearts, spades, diamonds and LV initials among some of the symbols that the champion blackjack player has on her.

Vivienne Louis Vuitton Expansion
Vivienne Royal

The Vivienne Rainbow radiates as she encapsulates 154 multi-coloured gems spreading a message of joy and hope to those around her. The Vivienne Royal pays homage to Paris’ Place Vendôme, finished with a golden crown, diamonds and a blue robe oozing traditional royalty.

Vivienne Louis Vuitton Expansion
Vivienne Petite Malle
Vivienne Louis Vuitton Expansion
Vivienne Monogram

The final three Vivienne reinterpretations are focused on celebrating Louis Vuitton. The Vivienne Petite Malle has an additional miniature handbag paying tribute to the original trunks. The Vivienne Monogram has petals crafted out of mother-of-pearl, her eyes are shaped from wood and her body sparkles from pink gold and diamonds – what is not to love?

Finally, Vivienne Celebration is a truly remarkable little piece of jewellery. Set in white and yellow gold, her body is covered in 36 coloured gems and 124 diamonds in honour of Monsieur Louis Vuitton’s bicentennial birthday.

Vivienne Expansion LV
Vivienne Expansion Trunk

Whichever Vivienne you decide upon, the pendant can be converted into a brooch so she never has to leave your side. And in true Louis Vuitton style, a trunk, exclusively made for this collection is available to showcase your beautiful family of Viviennes.

by Imogen Clark 


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