White Cube Hong Kong presents solo Damien Hirst exhibition

FROM bedazzled human skulls to kaleidoscope masterpieces, Damien Hirst has made his mark in the art industry and is now making his way to Hong Kong for a solo exhibition. 

Starting end of November the White Cube Hong Kong gallery will be presenting Damien Hirst: His own Worst Enemy.  

Damien Hirst Bell (2011)
Damien Hirst The Severed Head of Medusa (2008)
Damien Hirst Dead Woman (2012)
Damien Hirst Cue (2021)
Damien Hirst Best Friends (2015)

The exhibition will feature sculptures from his renowned 2017 Venice installation: Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable.

This is the first time that it has been exhibited in Asia.  The installation, inspired by archaeology, took over ten years to develop. 

The sculptures are made out of bronze, marble and crystal and are a cross between Hellenistic statutes and Disney animation.  It is a widely whimsical and multifaceted exhibition with highlights including marble ‘Dead Woman (2016)’ and never-before-seen black granite Mickey (2018).

A new series of paintings titled The Revelations, which Hirst created in his London studio, will also be displayed.  It is a must-see show and an excellent opportunity to witness Hirst’s infamously controversial work in person at a world-renowned gallery.

by Jamison Kent

Exhibition dates: November 24, 2021 – January 8, 2022


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