Glass discovers X Muse Vodka

WHEN you think of alcohol and Scotland, scotch or whiskey usually come to mind. Wanting to change that association X Muse has entered the market with the first blended barley vodka from this northern country.

Drawing from its heritage and spirit-making past, the brand, pronounced tenth muse, and brainchild of Pernod Ricard Grigoryan and Robert Wilson, has created a vodka with a deep, smooth taste, that combined with water, rendered a consistency of exceptional purity.

X MUSE Bottle and Serve
X Muse Bottle and Serve

The ingredients of this drink are all sourced locally from Scotland and across the UK, embracing what nature has to offer and producing a drink made to be both sipped on the rocks or as a base for a cocktail.

With Robert Wilson’s background as co-creator of Jupiter Artland, the sculptural art park located outside of Edinburgh, X Muse hopes to mirror the same notion of embodying creativity whilst understanding the importance of longevity.

X MUSE Bottle Close U
X MUSE Bottle Close Up

The name of the brand stemmed from the work of Scottish poet and gardener Ian Hamilton Finlay, and referencing Greek mythology’s tenth muse, being the accumulation of the nine previous ones and the idea of harmony – an idea that echoes the subtle beauty of the vodka.

Multi-layered in design and taste, X Muse’s unique creation is one not to be missed and an excellent addition to your drinks tray.

by Imogen Clark 

Priced at £55 per 70cl bottle


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