Brussels Gallery Weekend celebrates its 15th Anniversary

STARTING today, from the 8-11 September 2022, the Brussels Gallery Weekend will kick-off their fifteenth anniversary with 47 art galleries opening to the public over the course of the four days showcasing the art of 125 artists. Bringing the heart of Belgium alive with an enthusiasm for contemporary art, the city will be buzzing with exhibitions, performances and installations for locals, experts and visitors to enjoy.

BGW19_G16_Pierre Marie Giraud_190907_132631_Ref_NEA00055_(full size)_(CREDIT @StokkStudio (David Baatzsch))
Pierre Marie Giraud. Photograph: Stokk Studio

With a record number of institutions getting involved this year, the former printing plant of the National Bank of Belgium, the Imprimerie, will be transformed into the the central point for the celebrations. The emblematic space will come alive with a Duvel bar, Lillet and Ceder bars, host a variety of panel discussions and most notably the ‘Sculpture Factory’ exhibitions.

TEMPLON Jeanne Vicerial
‘Templon’ by Jeanne Vicerial at the Sculpture Factory

Albert Baronian, one of the first owners to be involved, reflects on how much the Brussels Gallery Weekend has evolved over the years; “Back then we were ten galleries participating; now there are over fifty of us. This demonstrates, more than ever, Brussels’ importance as a cornerstone of contemporary art and the galleries play a key role in boosting our capital’s influence”.

Though based in this area, the connections of this weekend programme are international, bringing together connecting countries through their shared support of the creative fields. “For example, we are piloting the Art Across Europe project, forging links between European art scenes, in partnership with cities such as Zurich, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Madrid and Milan,” elaborates Sybille du Roy de Blicquy, the director of BGW.

Lavandier Charlotte_Au printemps qui suit toujours_2021_©Charlotte Lavandier
Au printemps qui suit toujours (2021) by Charlotte Lavandier

Among the established names such as Almine Rech, the Generation Brussels programme will once again shine a light on the next generation’s talent who live and work in Brussels. “The exhibition has filled an important gap in the landscape and it is a pleasure to see Generation Brussels serve as a springboard for many artists to launch their careers”, says Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte, one of its first curators.

Alongside this initiative, the weekend hopes to attract new audiences and show them the beauty within the contemporary art sphere. Displaying artwork by younger artists of the L’Avenir youth club will hope to portray the message that this is not something exclusive, but rather an industry that is pushing towards being as inclusive as possible.

There are few times that cities accumulate this plethora of art and types of artists, ranging from young students to established galleries, making this an unforgettable experience for all to enjoy.

by Imogen Clark 

8-11 September 2022 – 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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