Richard Mille releases RM 88 Automatic Tourbillon Smiley: The Mechanics of a Smile

THE SMILEY has long time been the epiphany of positivity and joy. Turning into a universal logo for happiness, this simple yet memorable symbol of interaction was first drawn by Franklin Loufrani. Later in 1972, it appeared in the newspaper France Soir and has been trending ever since.

Taking note of this iconic reference and its ongoing popularity, the team of Richard Mille offer a new in-house CRMT7 automatic tourbillon calibre – a piece “inspired by the Smiley world and its values.”

According to the Maison, the smile is essential to our social interactions and relationships – it is a reflection of our basic need to form bonds with each other. Following this ideology, Richard Mille introduces RM 88 Automatic Tourbillon Smiley – a colourful and playful accessory that will undoubtedly create a positive highlight in its owner’s day.

Designed using durable ATZ ceramic in white, the piece is framed using red gold. The tourbillon is also highly technical and is ornamented with joyous decorative elements, varying from a blossoming flower to a pink flamingo or a brightly-coloured rainbow. In the centre is obviously the beloved Smiley, carved in gold. Even the crown of the watch continues to capture the cheerful sign, once again highlighting the ever-present quest for perfection permanent for the house of Richard Millie.

Constructed with meticulous precision to all of the finishing operations, this handmade accessory is a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece that beautifully captures positive vibrations that are sure to brighten even the gloomiest of days.

By Zlata Kriukova 


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