Dior La Capitana

Dior showcase new Cruise collection with short film, La Capitana

THE CRUISE collection for 2023 moves away from Paris and looks toward the richness of Spanish savoir-faire, unveiled in a meticulously choreographed video which immerses viewers into the landscape and movement of which the clothing has taken inspiration from.

The fashion mini-film has become an increasingly popular option for brands since the restrictions of the pandemic limited in-person runway shows, and Dior’s latest project choreographed by Bianca Li has been appropriately described as a “poetic ode to escape.”

Dior Cruise 2023
Dior Cruise 2023
Images from the Dior Cruise 2023 collection – La Capitana

Set in a dreamlike setting, the short-film aims to spellbind viewers, transcending the boundaries of different artistic mediums and merging them all into one for a showcase that displays the latest collection in a more intimate and intricate manner.

by Ben Sanderson


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