Casablanca Atlantis

Casablanca unveil the new conceptual Atlantis sneaker

FINDING inspiration from its namesake, the lost city of Atlantis, the latest sneaker invention by Casablanca creative director Charaf Tajer and and art director Steve Grimes explores the connection between ocean and land.

Right down to the wave-like rubberised sole, a mythical dialogue is perpetuated. Existing as a manifestation of fantastical storytelling, Casablanca’s newest addition merges classic sneaker design with more modern influences, as perforated leather and suede accents meet unruly, almost illusionary textures. 

Casablanca Atlantis

The Casablanca Atlantis

Exemplifying the core of the Casablanca ethos of architecture and nature, the shoe boasts a laid-back elegance inspired by the juxtaposition of the man-made with that of unrefined and raw organic elements. Though an unpredictable silhouette, the Atlantis shoe provides an expertly crafted comfort, making it a perfect addition to any sneaker-head’s collection.

by Ben Sanderson

The Atlantis sneaker will be available exclusively on the Casablanca site from November 16th, and at worldwide stockists from November 18th


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