Henry Jacques - In All Intimacy

Henry Jacques releases exclusive fragrance collaboration with Rafael Nadal and Maria Perello

ATTENTION has been drawn off of the court and into a far more intimate setting with Rafael Nadal and Maria Perello’s collaboration with the French perfumer. The partnership not only signifies a first time collaborative venture for Henry Jacques, but likewise for Nadal and Perello, who have joined to create a series of bespoke scents.

Titled “In All Intimacy,” the collection is brought to life by three different fragrances, MARIA PERELLO, RAFAEL NADAL N° 1 and RAFAEL NADAL N° 2. Exuding both personality and sensuality, the scents are a manifestation of the couple’s identity: “I envisioned this fragrance as a sense of security, self-confidence, uniqueness, strength and completeness. I really wanted it to smell like elegance, and more importantly, happiness,” mentioned Perello in reference to her fragrance which bursts with orange blossom, violet, bergamot and jasmine.

Henry Jacques X Maria Perello
MARIA PERELLO by Henry Jacques
Henry Jacques X Rafael Nadal
RAFAEL NADAL N° 1 and RAFAEL NADAL N° 2 by Henry Jacques

Nadal however divided his identity into two, one perfume encompassing his Grand Slam champion persona, and the other his more private side. Heavily inspired by the Mediterranean, the fragrances are a fresh exploration of natural elements: “It is difficult to imagine my life without the Mediterranean Sea. I love its scent, the citrus, the freshness.”With notes of thyme and lavender in N° 1, and white musk and rose in N° 2, Nadal has perfected a duo of scents mouldable to any occasion.

by Ben Sanderson

In All intimacy is available now exclusively in Henry Jacques Boutiques. 


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