Meet 7879, the new luxury jewellery brand shaking up an industry

AN EXCITING initiative from the founder of Secret Sales, 7879 is a concept that turns the world of luxury jewellery on its head. Owing to a promised purchase and re-buying scheme, the company will allow for guests to invest in gold and platinum jewellery based on weight alone, and when returned receive payment that is reflective of the current market rates. 

A venture that is almost comparable to stocks, 7879 proposes an exciting shift in the world of luxury reselling. Receiving their name from the periodic element numbers of gold and platinum, customers will have the opportunity to purchase the metals at the highest purity (99.9%), with the guaranteed promise of money back should they choose.

Pieces by 7879

Each ASSAY approved and hallmarked piece is created entirely from recycled gold or ethically-mined platinum, in an initiative which hopes to counteract the environmental impact of the jewellery industry. When re-sold back to the brand, each piece of jewellery will be melted down and given a new life, as it is transformed into yet another unisex high jewellery piece. 

7879 champion honesty and authenticity above all, giving customers a unique shopping experience, as they can rest assured their pieces will not only retain value due to their potency, but be able to be exchanged for money and returned to a circular design as and when they choose. 

by Ben Sanderson


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