Magda Butrym reveals AW23 Collection Campaign

Magda Butrym reveals AW23 Collection Campaign

WITH the latest AW23 collection campaign, Magda Butrym reveals an exquisite display of opulence and maximalism infused with the designer’s signature modern femininity. Drawing inspiration from Japanese culture, the collection showcases bold and novel shapes in rich, warm fabrics and darker, more saturated colours. Nevertheless, Butrym’s Slavic touch is evident in the intricate embroideries and prints, lending an old-world charm to the collection.

Craftsmanship takes centre stage this season, with the brand’s attention to detail channelled into creating complete silhouettes. The oversized, cocooning faux fur and shearling coats are perfect for the winter, while the exaggerated tailoring and layering add a touch of sophistication. The contrasting lace and embellished details evoke a sense of romanticism, perfectly balancing the sharp lines and masculine silhouettes.

An evident showpiece of the collection is the 3D sculpted rose dress construction, which celebrates powerful femininity with its oversized silk rose. The Magda Bag, an addition to the permanent collection, is the epitome of luxury and sensuality. The shoes and accessories, including thigh-high shearling boots, knee-high boots, delicate strappy blooming sandals, and pointy satin mules, complete the collection’s spirit.

The campaign is an ode to every woman who wants to feel confident and elegant in her own skin. The effortless and refined collection, coupled with its rich and raw character, is a true celebration of modern femininity.

by Zlata Kryudor


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