Bally and actor Adrien Brody have joined forces for an exciting new collaboration

Bally and actor Adrien Brody have joined forces for an exciting new collaboration

LUXURY fashion brand Bally has announced an exciting collaboration with Oscar-winning actor, artist and former Glass Man cover star Adrien Brody. This new partnership promises to be a fusion of luxury fashion and artistic expression. Brody will be making his debut as a designer, creating a series of stand-alone capsules for the Swiss luxury house.

Brody, known for his unforgettable performances on screen and his striking paintings, will debut as a designer, creating ready-to-wear clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories infused with his unique artistic sensibility. Drawing inspiration from his love of travel, Brody’s capsules will tell a narrative that distils the beauty of a journey, showcasing the history and heritage of Bally in a fresh and exciting setting.

Bally’s CEO, Nicolas Girotto, spoke of his excitement about the partnership, stating that “Bally has partnered with the world’s leading creative talent, from illustrators to architects, musicians to artists.” Girotto believes that Brody’s unique style and creative vision promise to elevate the brand even further.

The actor himself has also expressed eager enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, “As an artist, I am extremely excited to explore a new form of creative expression. I am honoured to partner with Bally in this special collaboration, allowing me to channel my creative energy in a new way.”

The capsules will be available by the end of the year on and select Bally stores and multi-brand retailers worldwide. Fans of Bally and Adrien Brody can look forward to a collection that celebrates the beauty of a journey, the power of artistic expression, and the intersection of luxury fashion and creativity. This collaboration promises to be a tour de force, a celebration of all that is beautiful and inspiring in the world of fashion and art.

by Zlata Kryudor


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