Dior reveals K-pop artist Haerin as their new ambassador

Dior announces K-pop artist Haerin as new ambassador

AS THE allure of K-pop continues to captivate the world, Dior has revealed the enchanting Haerin, a member of the globally successful group New Jeans, as their new brand ambassador for jewellery, fashion, and beauty.

Haerin is set to dazzle the world with her distinctive blend of elegance and audacity. This announcement marks a celebration of the deepening bond between Haerin and Dior—a unique friendship fuelled by a shared passion for creativity.

NewJeans has skyrocketed to the zenith of the K-pop universe, thanks to their infectious tunes and eye-catching style. With this partnership, Haerin joins her fellow bandmates in representing luxury brands, as Danielle has already become an ambassador for Burberry and YSL Beauty, and Hanni graces the world as the face of Gucci and Armani Beauty.

The fusion of Haerin’s fearless fashion sense and Dior’s timeless sophistication is a match made in heaven. As an emerging K-pop icon, Haerin’s bold colours and avant-garde silhouettes will no doubt breathe new life into Dior’s illustrious legacy of innovative design.

With this exciting collaboration, the spotlight shines on the potent combination of Haerin’s magnetic charisma and Dior’s unparalleled elegance.

by Zlata Kryudor 


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