Louis Vuitton shows pre-fall collection at Jamsugyo Bridge

Louis Vuitton shows pre-fall collection at Jamsugyo Bridge

LOUIS Vuitton’s pre-fall 2023 collection is a seamless voyage of innovation that weaves a narrative of past and present. The Maison’s designs, which draw on its history as a master trunk maker, feature a fascinating synthesis of remembrance, invention, and dedication to travel. French sophistication meets a daring spirit, highlighting the brand’s impeccable savoir-faire while embracing the unconventional.

The Prefall 2023 collection glides between imaginative realms, as essentials are reimagined with fresh perspectives. The Jamsugyo Bridge, a dynamic architectural marvel that adapts to the water’s ever-changing moods, serves as a metaphor for this metamorphosis. In the collection, the bridge, a vital connection to the city, takes on a new persona, masterfully reimagined by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, the visionary behind Squid Game.

Stunning blue cagoule with marigold highlights and waist-defining zippers, HoYeon Jung, the alluring Squid Game star and Louis Vuitton brand ambassador, makes an arrival adorning a studded A-line skirt – a perfect high-fashion homage to the iconic K-thriller.

Held in Seoul, the show continues to celebrate the essence of French sophistication and the brand’s timeless silhouettes, effortlessly marrying tradition with modernity in a dance of imaginative exploration showcasing the infinite possibilities that arise when imagination transcends boundaries.

by Zlata Kryudor 


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