De Beers Jewellers reveals New Canton Road Flagship Store In Hong Kong

De Beers opens new Canton Road Flagship Store in Hong Kong

WITH a grand opening, De Beers Jewellers has unveiled a flagship store on Hong Kong’s Canton Road, lending the area a taste of its illustrious past and present. The store, which spans a total of 170 square metres across two levels, was designed to evoke the atmosphere of De Beers’ famous London flagship location on Old Bond Street.

The diamond’s development is mirrored in the Building’s facade, which features striking triangular prism patterns cast in iridescent glass panels with a textured metal upper portion, sparkling like a natural diamond. The design borrows inspiration from a rough diamond or ‘macle’, encapsulating the brand’s blue and orange hues and emulating the natural shimmer of a macle’s surface. Illuminated in a gentle gradient during the day and dramatically lit at night, the façade invites visitors into a luxurious haven.

Inside the store, clients can explore the iconic Talisman collection and a dedicated suite for wedding and engagement jewellery. With a diverse range of diamond shapes, there’s something to suit every taste. Clients can also engage with the De Beers Iris, viewing the brilliance of their diamond through an expert’s perspective.

Design throughout the store is thoughtful and emphasises De Beers’ identity. Grandly realised interiors feature bespoke etched glass and hand-woven fabrics in the brand’s signature colours, echoing locations close to the House’s heart.

Following a curved staircase inspired by the London flagship store, customers enter an intimate lower level where the unique High Jewellery collection awaits. This private salon exhibits the brand’s most exclusive collections, offering clients the thrill of trying on extraordinary pieces.

Notably, De Beers has instilled its Building Forever sustainability framework in this new store’s heart. Utilising eco-friendly, sustainably sourced oak, and an intricate LED lighting system, the store aims for LEED certification, underscoring De Beers’ commitment to environmental responsibility.

Edith Chen, President, Asia Pacific for De Beers Jewellers, expressed her pride in the new location, shraing, “Canton Road is where luxury begins in Hong Kong. We look forward to welcoming our clients instore for a unique journey where joy and love unfold.”

by Zlata Kryudor


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