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Swarovski launches Metamorphosis campaign by Steven Meisel

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PRESENTING their new brand campaign, Metamorphosis, by fashion photographer Steven Meisel, Swarovski celebrates joyful self-expression through the transformative eruption of crystals.

Giovanna Engelbert became the Creative Director of this masterpiece, as the visionary details were brought to life by the legendary make-up artist, Dame Pat McGrath. Showcasing a collection of unworldly creatures, Swarovski revisits their Florere, Idyllia, Gema, Dextera, and Millenia jewellery families under a new, artistic light.

This fantasy sees McGrath focus on tropical flora and fauna designs to interpret four unique personalities. These different portraits are then shot to the horizon by Meisel as he captures the embodiment of a Butterfly, Parrot, Pineapple and Turtle’s personality. Each character holds an energetic notion towards pride and wonder.

The campaign takes inspiration from Swarovski’s Austrian heritage, including the magical garden rooms created by Empress Maria-Theresa at Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace in the Eighteenth Century.

“Maria-Theresa’s garden rooms are populated from her dreams. They are fantastical spaces painted with murals of exotic flora and fauna from around the globe that would never naturally share the same habitat. In the same way, I wanted to create an enchanted crystal garden that does not exist in nature but still brings the same joy.” 

“The Metamorphosis campaign is a celebration of the beauty of Swarovski crystals and how they are a catalyst of creativity and joy. Its inspiration is the link between the transformative power of art and the transformative power of jewellery.” – Giovanna Engelbert, Swarovski Creative Director.

by Alicia Tomkinson


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